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Trying to display polygons throws an unexpected error


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I've finally figured out collision! I'm going through and setting vertex points for my polygons, then added render: render to the var game line at the very top.


function render()


I was able to get my player polygon to display perfectly. However, when I try to display another polygon (uncomment that second line), it tells me 'TypeError: body is undefined phaser.js 37799'.


Drone1 is the variable i've applied the polygon to. I've even gone and renamed 'Drone1' to anything else it could possibly be, and whenever I change it, I get the 'x is not defined' error. So I know I have the right variable.


The only thing I can think of is Drone1 is a created group, instead of an individual sprite, which is this code:


    function createDrone1()
        for (var y = 0; y < 1; y++)
            for (var x = 0; x < 10; x++)
                var drones1 = Drone1.create(x * 32, y * 50, 'drone1');
                drones1.anchor.setTo(0, 0);
                drones1.body.setPolygon(1, 14, 11, 17, 11, 2, 21, 2, 21, 17, 31, 14, 31, 42, 29, 49, 27, 35, 22, 30, 16, 36, 10, 30, 5, 35, 3, 50, 1, 39);


Assuming this code is correct, it should apply that polygon to each created sprite. Am I overlooking something here? Why am I unable to display a second debug render?


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