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Black and White Bump Mapping


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A completely procedural asset-less game ^_^.  I'm using the playground to mock up the assets.  This will be my second one now so figured need to go a little harder.
Im using the GPU to do most of the heavy lifting of the texture generation eventually ill have it doing all of it.

Hopefully we will be throwing ninja stars at targets here soon.

Just kinda working on topics I have gray areas in so I can be more competent and this seemed like a good way to keep me interested. 

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hi @Pryme8

I think what you have done is what I need  - I want to make a black and white image with canvas and use it as a bump map.

It looks like only normal maps are supported?

Would there be any chance you could simplify your code to just show a black and white canvas rendered as a bump as that pg is pretty complicated for me!

It would be much appreciated.



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