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Take a screenshot of the canvas


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Hi guys, finally the use of game.canvas.toDataUrl() works for me.

I'm using OOP on my games now, which I didn't do before. I don't know if it's from this or because the new phaser version (I was on 1.1.3, now 2.0.4), but it works perfectly with toDataUrl.

Be careful though, I like to develop my game for web browser, but also for Cocoonjs, and I don't think they support the toDataUrl as it's not in their HTML5 list of supported canvas function.

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I learned now. We saw black picture. Because our games use WebGL as renderer. Canvas renderer is working perfectly.


Worth noting — now to support .png screenshots of WebGL rendered games, you can set a config parameter preserveDrawingBuffer that will let you call game.canvas.toDataURL() with WebGL or Canvas renderers with no issue.

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