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Particles emitter, how to use sprites from a spriteatlas?


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I'm working on a Phaser 3 game and all my sprites are in a spriteatlas. All the examples about particles and emitters I could find on the forum (like here and here) are using a single image-key as parameter for the particles.

But is it also possible to use a spriteatlas as particles?

This is my code below, but it doesn't seem to work. There are no errors but nothing appears on the screen.

code removed

And I have another questions actually:

  • When I'm stuck with a Phaser3 problem like this, where is the best place to look up the info or documentation?

So for example I don't know how to use `scene.add.particles`, where can I find the documentation about this constructor? I've looked here, but AFAIK the info I'm looking for is not there. I found the v2 documentation very clear and legible, and I'm struggling a bit with this new v3 documentation. Is it there or am I over looking in the wrong place?

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I've never touched atlases so I can't tell but your example does work on my spritesheets. Maybe you could set the frame to an integer, at least that's how I use it with spritesheets. As for finding stuff in the documentation I usually just search for Phaser.Scene constructor as most of the time the this keyword refers to the scene. And from there I just go to Scene's method add() and that points me to GameObjectFactory and that points me to particles() method. It's just javascript classes everywhere.


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I've found an example with frames and the code below works for me :) btw somehow the "blendMode: ADD" seem to sometimes make the particles invisible, for example it does work in this example but it doesn't in this example.

	preload: function ()
		// sprites
		this.load.atlas('sprites', 'img/spritearray.png', 'img/spritearray.json');

	// bomb explosion particles
	var expl = this.add.particles('sprites');
	this.bombexpl = expl.createEmitter({
		frame: [ 'bombexpl1', 'bombexpl2', 'bombexpl3' ], // random frames
		quantity: 10,
		scale: { start: 1.0, end: 0 }, // particles shrink
		speed: { min: -1000, max: 1000 }, // speed is variable
		lifespan: 800,
		on: false
	// set emitter to position and explode
	this.bombexpl.setPosition(100, 100);


So you can start the emitter with .explode() to release a "quantity" amount of particles at once OR you can do .start() and it will continuously emit "quantity" amount of particles for every "frequency" milliseconds.

But I have another question, is it possible to use .start() for a specific amount of times? So emit X particles every Y ms, but stop after let's say 5 times. So can you make the emitter do it 5 times and then automatically stop?

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