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scene.onPointerObservable Does not handle Touch Events?


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when trying to debug this with touch interaction, it seems like I have not set something up correctly.

I am testing on an iPhone 6s and nothing happens.  I can manually bind for touch events on the dom context, but was wondering what our convention is.

Also noticed touching the playground examples link does nothing as well.

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Well what is the expected outcome? It seems to not work even with mouse (at least visually)

From a quick look, it seems that you use OnPointerObservable which is the expected way of working with mouse/touch

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Click and drag on the screen starting from the bottom and release at some point up from where you started.
and you will 'throw; something and also see the input path for a little bit on the screen.

Do it at different speeds.

I cant get it to respond at all to touch.

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Yup its confirmed the iPhone ignores the touches 

should alert "TOUCHED" when I touch the canvas on my phone.

*UPDATE* hmm it does in fullscreen mode.

All the events are happening, but it seems like something is not happening.  I bet its my event.clientX stuff.


((new BABYLON.Vector3(e.event.offsetX/canvas.width, (canvas.height - e.event.offsetY)/canvas.height, 0)).scale(2.0)).subtract(new BABYLON.Vector3(1.0, 0, 0))

this seems to push NAN's on the iPhone... odd.

got it... I forgot offsetY and X are not on iPhones o_O...

woot this actually works really well with touch.
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