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undo / redo / snapshot question


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Does the below seem a reasonable way to deal with undo / redo and snapshots?

When required, I serialize the whole scene and append this to a scene > metadata > snapshot array. I can then undo by loading a previously serialized scene in the snapshot array or I can jump to, say, 4 snapshots earlier. I am mindful that the scene saved to snapshot should not include it's metadata > snapshot as I'd end up with files increasing exponentially in size.

I can then serialize the whole scene (including the snapshots), upload to server and so can reload another day and still see previous snapshots.

So, some questions:

  • Is the above a lazy or bad approach?
  • Is there a better way that I have not yet thought of?

Any input would be gratefully received.

Thank you.

Edit: Alternatively, I could just serialize the whole scene when any particular changes are made and dump that on the server and then grab when required.

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I do a similar thing with my 3d level editor.  It is just determining what you mean by serializing the whole screen.  I suppose you could store everything is a scene container including vertex data, but I am storing a minimal state to restore a scene to keep size down and speeds up.  I have worked on do/undo support, but am using a library called redux for the time travel - perhaps my scenario is much simpler than what you are building, though.  Undoing at the most basic is performing compensating actions in reverse order.

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Thank you @brianzinn,

In a nutshell, my scene will involve; adding and removing meshes, changing properties of materials, changing vertex positions of added meshes and a couple of meshes created from user input. I also have a UX which I need to ensure is synchronised with things in the scene along with the relevant parameters.

So long as you don't think my idea for undo / redo is way off I will put pen to paper & see if it's going to work. 

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