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Load gltf display exceptions


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use babylon viewer .It looks like a occlusion problem.Did I forget what? No answer was found in the document.

Thanks to anyone

let viewer = new BabylonViewer.DefaultViewer(domElement, {
scene: {
antialiasing: true,
lab: {
defaultRenderingPipelines: {
bloomEnabled: true,
bloomThreshold: 1.0,
fxaaEnabled: true,
bloomWeight: 0.2
model: {
templates: {
loadingScreen: {
params: {
backgroundColor: "#aaa",
loadingImage: "./logo.png"



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I believe I am familiar with this problem.

Manually open your GLTF file and set


(search for alphaMode and set to that value)

That should fix the issue.
If you are exporting from 3ds Studio Max ensure that your textures are not using alpha mode which is set automatically every time you load a png, even if it has no transparency.

Hope it helps :)

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On 2018/7/28 at PM2点48分, Rodrix3 said:



“alphaMode”: “不透明”


如果从3ds Studio Max导出,请确保纹理不使用每次加载png时自动设置的alpha模式,即使它没有透明度。

希望能帮助到你 :)

Thank you very much. I checked gltf, you are right. This is the default setting for Marmoset Toolbag to export gltf.

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