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Found 5 results

  1. Correct: use babylon viewer .It looks like a occlusion problem.Did I forget what? No answer was found in the document. Thanks to anyone let viewer = new BabylonViewer.DefaultViewer(domElement, { scene: { antialiasing: true, assetsRootURL:'./' }, lab: { defaultRenderingPipelines: { bloomEnabled: true, bloomThreshold: 1.0, fxaaEnabled: true, bloomWeight: 0.2 } }, model: { url:"./mode/shafa1.glb" }, templates: { loadingScreen: { params: { bac
  2. Hello again forum, I hope you have a great day I would like to continue my snake project game, and today i have decided to make a scoreboard for each fruits eaten. However i have an issue, i cannot display a UI text on my project even though i have followed tutorial in here The program seems to crash too and wont run. Any help given is appreciated. Cheers Here's my code, i insert the URL code into createScene function. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Snake Game</title> <script src="babylon.js"></script> <sc
  3. Hi Forum, First of all, i tried to create a snake game for my project, however i have encountered some difficulties. I can't make the apple dissapear upon contact / collision with the snake. I can make the object dissapear normally if its just mesh from babylon ( sphere, box, etc ) . However, when i tried to do the same to imported blender object, it doesnt work, Any ideas? Any Help given is greatly appreciated. Thank you here's my code : P.S : i tried to upload it to playground, but it seems not working, as my snake and apple are on different file, and i dont know how to
  4. The link http://www.askforgametask.com/mobile/games/matchsticks/ Description Matchsticks: Endless Digit Hunter is an HTML5 one-button matchstick (aka toothpick) puzzle/logic game in which your goal is to rearrange all given math equations and make them true by moving just one match. The game can be played on 4 different levels of difficulty: Normal - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 9. Medium - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 19. Hard - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 49. Insane - the equations contain numbers from 0 to 99. On each l
  5. Description: HTML5 physics game about sad zombie. 20 nice levels you need to solve! mobile-friendly game. Author: el_scrambone Genre: Arcade, Puzzle, Physics Game Dimensions: 720 x 1,080 pixels Game Link: http://bap3.pe.hu/ If you have some questions or tips - go and tell it to me) will be glad to get some feedbacks! Screenshots: Video Trailer:
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