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Advanced Dynamic Texture Questions


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Hello everyone

I have a few questions about the BABYLON.GUI.advancedDynamicTexture("");

here is an example of me creating a scene e.g.:



ver gui = BABYLON.GUI.advancedDynamicTexture("GUI");


return scene


scene = initScene();


1: would it also dispose the advancedDynamicTexture?

2: would be better for performance if I only used one advancedDynamicTexture over all of my scenes, if it would be how big of a difference?

3:how much does adding extra Gui buttons, images, and text affect performance?

Thanks for your time everyone!

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40 minutes ago, Deltakosh said:

1. Yes as long as you give your scene in the ADT constructor

2. You can't actually. ADT are linked to a scene

3. They affect performance ONLY if something change. If your UI is static then it is almost invisible

so if I used it to update score that would be performance costing or not really.

1: I didn't know that, that might be where my memory leak is!

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