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How to limit velocity


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Hello, I am building my first game as a trainee ( web developer ). My employer wants me to build a hammer hit game, similar to this: http://html.orgino.com.tr/mobilegitimtiri/25/index.html 

I started building it in Phaser 3 but stuck at moving the ball.

How the game works:

There are 4 levels,

Each time the player pulls the hammer, the hammer hits the machine and ball moves up. For each level, the ball moves to a certain point. While the ball moving I need to change the background.


I have tried velocity, but I can't limit how high it can go

I have tried to create a game object from graphics so the ball can hit and bounce back, I've failed

Currently, I am trying tween but it is problematic too. ( ball goes back and forth)

My question is can I create an invisible line and use as a ceiling? If not how can I solve this problem?

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game does not work for me, but you could probably use a collider callback to deal with that. Add an invisible physics body, and call some function that stops the ball on collision:

https://labs.phaser.io/edit.html?src=src\physics\arcade\remove collider.js

What about the straightforward way ? :

if(ball.y < 300){


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