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Understanding Up vectors in BabylonJS


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I have been playing with the camera up vector in BabylonJS, but I feel like I don't understand how they actually work.  I created the following minimal example.


To my understanding, the up vector should only affect the up direction, but in the example, if I change the up vector to +X or +Z, it no longer targets (0,0,0) which I set every frame.


I'm creating a game that Z is up vector, and can't get it stabilized https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#ZJHCXB


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first i agree with you, Z Up is the natural and intuitive approach to explain out world, also the language of mathematics. Regardless of tutorials i can post, i feel you make it, on your own. Its really nothing BabylonJs do, it's about general attempt to imitate our world in 3D Graphics, you can read about it in DirectX or OpenGL, it doesn't matter. Theirs a need, like centuries before done by painters, to construct a camera and project, re-project 3D on to a 2D canvas, the monitor screen.   

And the short answer to your question: You can lean forth and back with you head , rotate it, but you can also lean/tilt sideways and that is the UP Vector.



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