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Texture hasAlpha performance issue


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Recently I enountered an issue with texture has alpha performance. Public attribute 'hasAlpha' is 100 times slower than '_hasAlpha'. Does anyone know why is that and if there is a way to easily fix it? I can't release code to production with private attribute setter.

I made two playground to show the problem.

http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#9FMJCS - public hasAlpha
80411 ms

http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#R8QY81 - private _hasAlpha
787 ms

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Setting has alpha seems to mark all materials in the scene as dirty. So in this case it's calling markAllMaterialsAsDirty a thousand times, each time with a larger materials array to loop over.

You could get a compromise of behaviour by just setting the private _hasAlpha and then calling markAllMaterialsAsDirty after the loop.


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If you're meaning it won't build (i.e. you're using typescript) you can cast to any to get around that (the only downside being if the variable name or behaviour changes in a future version of babylonjs).

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If you don't need the shader recompile,
you can also add another prototype that doesn't call markAllMaterialsAsDirty

tests; 3085, 2970, 3156

And even if you do need the recompile, you should be able to just call it after the last one, to only call markAllMaterialsAsDirty once.

tests; 3432, 3462, 3486

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Ahh typeScript.. i think.. that would require you adding it to the baseTexture source..
I don't know if you can add properties from outside the object in typeScript.

public set hasAlphaOverwrite(value: boolean) {
  if (this._hasAlpha === value) {
  this._hasAlpha = value;
public get hasAlphaOverwrite(): boolean {
  return this._hasAlpha;

If casting to any also does the trick, then that would probably be better.
Have a nice day :) 

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