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Difference in FPS between Firfox and Google Chrome


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I used the 'sprites' to make the grass. I must have 1800 sprites on the stage. I note a large difference in FPS between firfox and Google Chrome.
On Chrome, I have 40/41 fps
On Firfox i have 25/27 fps

on firfox, my fps, quickly drop. If I removed the sprites, my fps goes back has 60 on firfox and on chrome. I think that there is a performance problem with the sprites. If i put 4000 sprites, my scene lag, the fps are very low.

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1800 sprites is also apparently much?


Therefore, there is nothing in Babylon which permettes to make the herbs on a field in large quantity? The grass allows you to make the scene more realistic. This brings a touch of nature. It is disappointing not to be able to put grass in large quantity.

Are there solutions to put large amount of grass?

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There would be a solution to make large expanse of grass with the sprites. With isvisvible. To hide the herbs at a certain distance from the camera by placing isvisible on false. This would allow a lot of grass. Only 1000 could see, the rest would not be rendered as a camera does not track.


This would be has add with the request of here, or you forget to answer me:



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I find the solution.

with google chrome, if I put the object to false isvisible to hide objects far from the camera the FPS remains acceptable.

By contrast with Firefox it must add visibility 0 in addition isvisible false for the FPS is acceptable, otherwise, the FPS are a 16.




Google Chrome :

mesh.isvisible = false;


Firfox :

mesh.isvisible = false;


mesh.visilility = 0;

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