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Make Sprite follow Cursor including rotating it, but in steps


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Hey guys!

I am trying to find the best way to implement the following:

I want to create something like an .io game like slither.io and I want nearly the same movement behavior like there using Matter Physics.

 So the most basic way would be:

        let angle = Phaser.Math.Angle.Between(fromX, fromY, toX, toY);
        this.physics.moveTo(this.gameObject, toX, toY, gameConfigs.movementSpeed);

but this results in a few problems. The gameObject (player) should ne be able to rotate immediately, there should be a rotation split into a few steps to create some sort of a maximal rotation speed. This should also make a 180° turn impossible. There should always be a maximal speed in which turning is possible. 

Now to do this I thought of the following: 

 1. On mouse move save the current cursor position as the current "goal" 
 2. rotate towards that "goal" in every update cycle like 2 degrees at a time
 3. move the gameObject forward at a constant speed

Now this would include a lot of calculations for the angle in every update cycle, so I wanted to ask if any of you can think of a better, cleaner solution? Performance is key...


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