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Partial morphs?


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Does anyone know if its possible to morph part of a mesh to its target?  For example, if you start clicking on areas of a mesh those areas will start to morph to the target

I could code this via CPU but I'm just wondering if its possible to do this via GPU.

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1 minute ago, Sebavan said:

Either you could split the mesh (less than ideal)

Or you could leave some of the mesh information unchanged and only touch the other vertex.

Yeh, that's the one.  I want to leave some of the mesh unchanged.  Like if I had a paintbrush I want only the vertices under the paintbrush to morph towards the target.  The Morph Target Manager can do this?

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6 minutes ago, Sebavan said:

yup, in the morph target manager you can define manually the vertex data for start and end as you can see here: https://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#HPV2TZ#15

You could adapt only half of the mesh.

I'm not sure how that would work in my case.  It looks like you are still doing a complete morph.  Here's an example: I have a skinny girl as base and a really fat girl (fat everywhere) as the target.  I want to just morph maybe the hips, or the breasts, or the neck.  I don't want to create a morph target for each possible bodypart because there might be 20 or more.

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15 hours ago, Sebavan said:

Yup this might get tricky, but as long as you morph from A to A it feels like it is not morphing but you would need to identify every single vertex you need to morph and left the other untouched.

Do you know if this is possible with Morph Manager?  To be able to morph different areas with different influence amounts?

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