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GUI feature request - Mask


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Able to, for sure but will require time to code it :)

It looks similar in some ways to this (It contains masking with the similar scaling tiling and so on questions)


Pixi seems to rely on shape but we do not have such support so far I am wondering how could we simulate that ? 

Once found we could open a Gihub issue to see when it could be done.

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I suppose it has similarities, but I'm not sure if it's the right direction given the bigger scope of the feature I'm talking about.

If I recall correctly we need to use stencil buffer in order to achieve the mask.

Here's how PIXI handles graphics & shapes:


It would be a nice addition to GUI as well, but it is a big feature in itself.

Otherwise I suppose we could have very basic and less flexible data structures for common shapes such as rectangle, circle and triangle, and use their data in the masking process. Maybe even just use the existing Rectangle and Ellipse containers for now if it'd make sense.

Needless to say, nested scale, position and rotation will need to be taken into account - GUI already knows how to handle these, need to see how it can be integrated into the masking process.

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