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Global Liquidity : Minecraft for Markets

Global Liquidity

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Hey everyone! I'm so excited to be here. I am amazed and delighted with what I have found in this framework and also in the community.

I just started a company called Global Liquidity.

I've been working on real-time 3D visualization of market microstructure for nearly 20 years. [Video link is c. 2003]

Now, I'm working to bring trading to the next billion traders. I intend to make it a 3D game. 

This is my site after about a week of coding. Tap "Market" on the bottom left to see live market data for the Ethereum/Bitcoin pair on GDAX.


[I'm brand new to babylon.js and even to javascript. I have a deep C++/C#/Unity 3D background and this is a new world. It probably has all sorts of problems on various devices. It works great on my Note 8]


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