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Collision as Trigger


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I'm new to phaser and really just trying to familiarize myself with it.


I've got a sprite group moving across the screen from right to left and when it reaches certain locations I would like it to perform certain actions; for now I'm just having it log to the console.

game.physics.collide(group, triggerWall, function(){  console.log('it hit the wall');}, null, this);

The wall is an invisible sprite that 1px wide and 100% the height of the game.


It logs to the console as expected (about 100x, due to the width of the group)


The issue I'm having trouble with is there's a "jitter" when the group crosses the line. Each sprite in the group is moved a few pixels and then moves back.


Heres how I've set up the sprites in the group:

group = game.add.group();for (var i = 0; i < 5; i++){  var sprite;        sprite = group.create(x, y, 'block', 1);  sprite.name = 'block' + i;  sprite.height = 30;  sprite.width = 30;  sprite.body.allowCollision = true;  sprite.body.immovable = false;}

and my "wall"

triggerWall = game.add.sprite((game.world.width/2), 1, 'barrier'));triggerWall.name = 'triggerWall';triggerWall.scale.setTo(1, game.world.height);triggerWall.body.immovable = true;triggerWall.visible = false;

So I'm wondering how to avoid the "jitter", or if there's a better way to detect the location of a sprite/group besides using a collision.


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