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XML Parsing error with BABYLON.SceneLoader


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Hi Forum

I'm reading a lot lately on your forum trying to get babylon.js working for me.

Here's my first stone on the path: I'm trying to load a scene (exported from blender -> .babylon) into the browser and stuck with the error:


XML Parsing Error: syntax error
Location: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/FJUHWZ/babylon_room/master/felix_babylon_room.babylon.manifest?1534768757700
Line Number 1, Column 1:


Do you have an idea how i could make that better. I'm searching for the simplest way of embbeding an blender-export into the html, and be able to manipulate it after with some javascript functions within the html file.

So: is there something better than SceneLoader? What do i do wrong with the link to raw.githab....?


Thank you so much & best wishes



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Your scene will work fine with that error.  I don't think the framework should be trying to parse a 404 in my opinion.  I've seen other code that only checks for 200 OR presence on text on XHR response.  I'm not sure entirely the logic behind that decision. You can get around it by disabling offline viewing entirely:

You can set your own rules for offline this way:

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