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Psycho Timers


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I attached 4 events to the game timer as an experiment like this:      

//This state is the Game state in the Boot -> Preloader -> Game state sequence..create: function(){        //Timer..! Woo..!        this.game.time.events.loop(Phaser.Timer.SECOND, this.timeMinute, this);        this.game.time.events.loop(Phaser.Timer.SECOND*15, this.timeQuarterHour, this);        this.game.time.events.loop(Phaser.Timer.SECOND*30, this.timeHalfHour, this);        this.game.time.events.loop(Phaser.Timer.MINUTE, this.timeHour, this);}

I have some text fields on the screen that display an integer that is incremented in the SECOND event and the MINUTE event.

If you guessed that I was making a clock, you guessed correct.


I have 2 problems.

One may be because of the timer already running at the time of adding the events, not sure, but the MINUTE event fires about half a second after the 60th SECOND event, so it ticks the clocks hour number up after the minutes reset to 00 ( 1:58, 1:59, 1:00, 2:00, 2:01)


Problem two is more fun. If I change tabs long enough for an event to fire twice, then the events seem to never stop firing, and my clock goes psycho.

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