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9 hours ago, B3L7 said:

Really great job!


So far my only criticism would be that the font on the scrolls being white is too difficult to read. I would either use a darker font or it a dark stroke.


Otherwise I think it's really fun with a novel mechanic.


Do you mean scrolls or maps? Scrolls already have dark tint on them. Here is how it looks on my computer: https://ibb.co/iZzALz 

But I forgot to add tint on the map's texts. https://ibb.co/fpSx0z

If scrolls look different on your computer, can you please provide a screenshot.

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3 hours ago, B3L7 said:

Strange. This is what it looks like on my computer:




Seems like tint not working on your browser. Does your browser support web GL? Maybe canvas doesn't support tinting. If there is such a thing, I should add the dark version of the font, instead of tinting.

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9 hours ago, B3L7 said:

Any chance your going to release the source code? I'd be really interested to see it.

I am not thinking about releasing the source code for now. The code is too messy :) 

This is my first completed game with Phaser. At the time I start developing the game the docs were so poor and I did the most of the things with trial and error. It ended up with a messy, complicated code.

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