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Multiplayer TCG


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Will Panda 2 handle two player games?   I am specifically looking to make a Trading Card Game similar to Magic the Gathering.  And if so… are there any plugins or templates that will be helpful in creating it?  The biggest thing I'm looking for though is any help/articles on creating a multi player game.

I've looked at Unreal Engine and Unity.  They both have some TCG templates/toolkits you can buy but since I am going to be developing this myself at first, it would be MUCH faster to work with an HTML 5 game engine for me.

Any help at all is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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For a good multiplayer game you need a game server. You can build one with nodejs for example. I am currently making a card game for which I have made a server in .NET Core C#.

Panda is created for use on the client side so I don't think it will include such a plugin soon, the only way I could see this is maybe with something like Google Firebase.

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Yeah, pretty much what mise said. Panda (and most other engines) are just the graphics, 'UI' side. The server should be the one that handles your game logic.

I don't think you need a plugin, though. It's all javascript, so you can just open a websocket, and just read and write messages from the server.

So generally speaking, a game would look like this: Server holds the game logic(but doesn't have any graphics). Your game has a websocket, which connects and asks the server for the game state, the server response, your websocket reads the message, then passes that info to your 'Panda Graphics' code. (Cue, animations, and soundfx, and explosions). You then select a move, and you can tricker your message to be sent via the websocket to the server. Server reads the message, updates the game state, and then let's the other players know what happened. 

In Summary, yes, Panda can do what you want (but no better.. or worse, than other HTML5 engines).


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