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[SOLVED] can't fire mousedown events on middle click with custom input


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I am discovering babylonjs, and tried to create a custom control to pan an ortho camera. I've taken inspiration of this page: http://doc.babylonjs.com/how_to/customizing_camera_inputs

But even though I can get click, keyup and keydown to fire, mousedown and mouseup won't fire. I only get mouseup after a right click, but nothing on middle click for instance.

Here is a playground to see the problem (when looking at the console, you can see outputs for click events, but not for mousedown). Could anyone see what I'm doing wrong?


Many thanks in advance for any pointers


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Excellent, thank you. I can see I should listen to pointerup and pointerdown instead of mouseup/mousedown. (As a side note, that probably should be in the doc? Unless I missed it?)

And in OrthoCameraInput, I can listen to wheel event, so that's all good.

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