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3D GUI - Custom Meshs?


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Hmmm, maybe there might be a better way to do what I need.

Is there a fast way/better way to position meshes in accordance to 2d screenspace not 3d.

Or should I just use the GUI3d and the MeshButton with no interactions.

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world must be set to Identity as you want world coordinates

view = camera.getViewMatrix()

projection = camera.getProjectionMatrix()


this.origin is the result vector3: you must provide one to store the result

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Ok I am struggling, I am trying to effectively have 3d Meshes stay in an even spaced manor stay in the bottom right of the screen in front of all other things being rendered.

The camera never moves but the screens size might not be consistent.

Like a 3d Ammo Bar.

Ive tried messing with the 3dGUI but I seem to be flubbing and cant even see the meshes.  It might be because of renderGroupId's though or possibly I cant use Instances as the mesh?

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it is interesting that when you try to set the position of the panel to the camera it forces the camera to the position of the panel.  See here:


it also does the same with the opposite, setting the cameras position to the panel which was expected.


In this one they move a bit they move back, so interesting

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