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Showing/Staying at particular animation indices


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I'm a newbie game developer, and for start I just want to say that Phaser is providing me an excellent way to get into game development!!


So, I have a spritesheet with images that I'd like to have showing under certain conditions. I'm achieving that by defining a bunch of single frame 'animations' that are being called to play when the conditions are met. I'm alright with this, but I'm wondering for efficiency sake if there's a way to just define a single animation, and then say something like:

if(condition1){animation.play('anim', [1], 10);animation.stop();}if(condition2){animation.play('anim', [2], 10);animation.stop();}

I realize the play function doesn't take in the frame index value, but is there another approach I could take here? Am I over-thinking it? Thanks for any tips!

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