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KEEYAH - A Procedural Ninja


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I just wrote this up today in like 20 mins so if there are errors please point them out ❤️

^^ GAME ^^

Ok so its not really complete yet, but on Tuesday of next week I start my new contract and wont have anytime to look at this; so I figured Id post it before I turn into a ghost.

Important info:
   - You Toss the stars by drag and releasing on the screen from the bottom and swooping up
  -  You get bonus points for curving your shot

Need to Implement still:
   - Level Progression, for now if you want a new level go into your console and type : toss.buildStage(#)  I would recommend not going over 50 cause I dont think you can effectively even throw that far.  *TEMP FIX FOR NOW*
   - Balloons to pop that multiply your tosses score.

You can assume you beat the level if you get a score that is five times the level, so level 1 you need 5 pts, level 4 you need 20, etc...

Everything is generated at run time, there are no assets.
Oh and on a cool note, that once I mimify everything and strip everything out of the BJS engine file that I don't need the predicted size of this game will be under 200kb


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Just added really simple level progression. Clear your Cache if you looked at it earlier.

if you use the toss.buildStage cheat it will break the game but at least you can play what ever level.

Let me know how far any of yall can get.  It handles way better on Touch Screens then a mouse btw.

Highest Score I have gotten is a 56, so its pretty tough.

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