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include text to setTexturePriority()


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Hello. guys. Reading this tutorial I noticed that bitmatText can be included into setTexturePriority array:

var enabled = this.game.renderer.setTexturePriority(['boat', 'skier', 'pole', 'rock', 'shark', 'sea', 'waves']);

if (enabled.length < this.game.renderer.maxTextures)
    //  Enable for the BitmapFont
    this.game.cache.getBitmapFont('fat-and-tiny').base.textureIndex = enabled.length + 1;


Can I do the same using simple text?

Text is created sth like

var myTextStyle = { font: "32px Century Gothic", fill: "#fff", boundsAlignH: "center", boundsAlignV: "middle", align: "center" };

var myText = game.add.text(0, 0, "Just text example...", myTextStyle);

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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