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what is a tilemap or an atlas?


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Looks like every guy trying to write a good tutorial for Phaser beginners, he really do not want to do so.

There is tutorials for dummies and tutorials for advanced users.

Nothing for ordinary people that whan to learn something new!

In the end we are disappointed and leave the field.

So those who have the knowledge are very proud!

Thery are  some charismatic people! Those guys of course who have the knowledge and do not want to give it to anybody!

Ok guys. I understand that phaser 3 is a new thing.

But phaser 2 it is not.

There is nothing, really nothing to help some decent people to learn it.

What is a tilemap? What is an atlas?

We will tell you  as dificult we can, so you will leave quicly and leave as alone!

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