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Dynamic texture not displaying correct


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Hey all,

I'm adding a dynamic texture to my imported model so I can have multiple layers in the diffuseTexture.

This works good on a plane that I create in BJS. But when I apply the dynamic texture to the imported model it looks strange. As if only the top row of pixels is used or something.. (see attached image)

When I place the same image texture on both models, everything looks as it should. I tried to recreate this issue in a playground. But since I can't load my own model in there I used the rabbit model.


But.. this seems to be working correctly. Is there a way to import my model into a playground? Or does anyone have an idea what's happening with my imported model?





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Hi, thanks for your reply. The UV on my model is correct however. That's why I added the other image on the right where I placed and image in the diffuseTexture channel. It looks good there. And when I change the image to the dynamic texture, it looks wrong.

Or is there a way to rotate the uv channel with code?

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