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Draw Calls


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I need to apply a texture to the customMesh. But it's showing me an error message saying "Vertex buffer is not big enough for the draw call"

The code I wrote is below.

var wall_color = new BABYLON.StandardMaterial("wall_color", scene);
wall_color.diffuseTexture = new BABYLON.Texture("http://i.imgur.com/Vw4fzwq.jpg", scene);
build.material = wall_color;

The code I apply the above lines is;


Need help to solve this problem. Appreciate your help. 

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I tried with different uv values but the texture is not appearing as it is.

The way I calculated uv values is;

var uvs = [];
for(var p = 0; p < positions.length / 3; p++) 
	uvs.push((positions[3 * p] - (-4)) / 6, (positions[3 * p + 1] - (-4)) / 8);

Can you please suggest me a way to apply the texture as it is for both outer walls and inner walls separately? 

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Draw calls are an essential part of computer graphics rendering. They represent commands sent to the graphics hardware to render objects or meshes on the screen. Each draw call specifies the necessary information, such as vertices, textures, and shaders, for the graphics pipeline to process and display the object. Multiple draw calls are typically executed for each frame to render all the objects in a scene, making it possible to create complex and visually appealing 3D graphics, check help from alzheimer phone . Efficiently managing draw calls is crucial for optimizing performance in real-time rendering applications.

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