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Referencing objects between scenes


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I'm getting back into researching / learning Phaser 3 and how scenes operate.   Today I have learned that if we place the 'this' keyword ' in front of a label, it allows us to reference data across the create() and update() methods.  For example....


gameScene.create = function() {

    this.enemy1 = this.add.sprite(250, 180, 'enemy');

gameScene.update = function() {

    if (this.enemy1.scaleX <= 2) {
        this.enemy1.scaleX += 0.01;
        this.enemy1.scaleY += 0.01;


With that code, I can see my enemy slowly increasing in size until he reaches twice his size.  But from a coding perspective is there an alternative approach to sharing enemy1 across various methods, rather than using 'this' in front it everywhere?  I'm going have a lot of labels created and loaded through out various scenes, and would love to know if there is a cleaner name spacing convention that can be taken.

I would love to remove the 'this' keyword completely, and get back into using 'let' or 'var'. But I don't see any way of doing such, especially if I want to share data across methods...



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Thank you so much rich for the feedback.  I apologize if my original concern is slightly unclear.  What I would like to know is why we can't we do something like the following, to cut down on typing the keyword 'this'  every time...

     /* my original code */
     this.enemy1.scaleX = 1; //another way of scaling!
     this.enemy1.scaleY = 1; //another way of scaling!

    /* can we do something like this in Phaser 3 so that properties are stored under a single this keyword? I've tested this short example but it breaks on me.  Can I tweak it to get it working? */
     this.enemy1 = {
         scaleX : 1,
         scaleY : 1


Is this not acceptable in Phaser 3?

Many thanks!

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