Help debugging through Physics with Phaser 3

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I'm working with Phaser 3.12.0 and I'm attempting to experiment with debugging in general.  I am failing to get any debug information with the following game code....


const config = {
  type: Phaser.AUTO,
  width: 640,
  height: 480,
  backgroundColor: "#000044",
  // physics settings
  physics: {
    // we are using matter.js engine that is built into Phaser
    default: "matter",
    arcade: {
      debug: true

  scene: {
    init: init,
    preload: preload,
    create: create,

let game = new Phaser.Game(config);

function init() {
  console.log('the initializer');

function preload() {
  console.log('the preload');
  this.load.image("crate", "game04/media/crate.png");

function create() {
  console.log('the the update');, -200, game.config.width, game.config.height + 200);

  // waiting for user input
  this.input.on("pointerdown", function (pointer) {
    console.log('we are clicking for an event to fire');

    // getting Matter bodies under the pointer
    var bodiesUnderPointer = Phaser.Physics.Matter.Matter.Query.point(, pointer);

    // if there isn't any body under the pointer...
    if (bodiesUnderPointer.length == 0) {

      // create a crate
      this.matter.add.sprite(pointer.x, pointer.y, "crate");

    // this is where I wanted to remove the crate. Unfortunately I did not find a quick way to delete the Sprite
    // bound to a Matter body, so I am setting it to invisible, then remove the body.
    else {
      bodiesUnderPointer[0].gameObject.visible = false;[0])
  }, this);

function render() {
  // Camera
  game.debug.cameraInfo(, 32, 32);


I guess I just need a basic understanding of how to debug through Phaser 3.  I borrowed some examples from the labs and placed them in here, in hope to see something.  But like I said, absolutely no debug information is being displayed.  What would be a potential reason?



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