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Are 2D HTML5 games profitable?


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There's quite a few resources on this forum, have a look around, plenty of success (and not so successful!) stories.

The simple answer is yes, although currently I wouldn't expect to become a millionaire overnight. Weigh it up carefully, many people making decent money out of it could arguable be making similar money working for someone else, but they do it because they really enjoy being their own boss and all the other things that come with that.

How to get started?

Depends on your situation, but, yes, make your game and throw it on your website. Then have fun generating traffic to your game.

The alternative is to sell your game to various game portals and other outlets. Then have fun with business side of that.

Writing your own top-notch game is only one piece of the puzzle, you'll also need to have fun with the business side too, unless you want it as a hobby.

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