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Hey guys,

I've tried adding some sound to be played at the end of a tween, which works great on my desktop... however for some reason it dosn't work AT ALL on any of the mobile devices (including tablets) i've tested it on.

tween.onComplete.add(this.playTap, this);

Any idea's?

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Hey Rich, thanks for replying :)


Has the audio loaded? (what file format are you using - if it doesn't play at all, it's usually a file format or bitrate issue).


I have the following code to ensure it's loading in my preloader:

if (this.cache.isSoundDecoded('diceSFX') && this.ready == false) {	this.ready = true;	this.game.state.start('MainMenu');}

The formats i have tried with so far are .wav and .mp3


Edit:  After further testing (and adding the .ogg format) it seems to work fine on the ipad min but not the galaxy tab2 or a HTC windows 8 phone, also it seems to crash the Samsung Galaxy S4 browser after playing the audio?

this.load.audio('diceSFX', ['assets/sfx/tap.mp3', 'assets/sfx/tap.ogg', 'assets/sfx/tap.wav']);
var tween = this.add.tween(BasicGame.diceObj[i]).to({ y: BasicGame.yFloor - (BasicGame.diceSize * row) }, 500, Phaser.Easing.Quintic.In).delay(100*i).start();			tween.onComplete.add(this.playTap, this);
playTap: function () {		this.tapSFX.play();	this.countTaps++;			if(this.countTaps == 9) {				this.countTaps = 0;		this.playGame();			}	}
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Sorry to necro but this is entirely relevant to a problem I've just encountered... is there a guide or set of recommendations for audio formats and settings?  There are thousands of potential problem devices and millions of combinations of format/compression/headers/etc for the audio files.  I'm sure someone has found a working combination that does the job on most devices - so if they could share that'd be lovely  ;)

I've just found that mp3/wav doesn't work on my iPad2 in the Chrome browser, but I let Audacity batch with it's default mp3 settings so I need to look into that in the meantime (especially as they crackle something shocking on IE desktop).


Please ignore this, I didn't know about 'touch the screen to unlock audio'... :o

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