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Strange rewriting of a variable at Tilemap.js


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I was looking at the source code of Tilemap.js (https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/blob/master/src/tilemaps/Tilemap.js) and I see strange rewriting of the layer variable all the time. For example:

hasTileAt: function (tileX, tileY, layer)
    layer = this.getLayer(layer);

    if (layer === null) { return null; }

    return TilemapComponents.HasTileAt(tileX, tileY, layer);

Could you tell more what is the idea to sent layer as an argument and then rewrite it with itself in the very beginning?


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Probably variables names are a little confusing. Also according to the docs getLayer() accepts:

  • string
  • integer
  • Phaser.Tilemaps.DynamicTilemapLayer
  • Phaser.Tilemaps.StaticTilemapLayer

but hasTileAt() (by docs) itself takes {Phaser.Tilemaps.LayerData} as param and sends it to the getLayer(). So my first thought was that it takes LayerData to get LayerData :)

Probably docs should be fixed and hasTileAt() (and all similar functions) accepts the same types like getLayer() mentioned before? 


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