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Maya Export glTF: I can't use it

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Hi Everyone, first post and newbie user. 

I'm using Maya 2018 update 4, Windows 10 and Maya2Babylon-1.2.21. I've done simple cube, added a stingray PBS material with preset/standar Preset Material.

No other changes, no texture loaded. Exported using the Babylon file exporter Plug-in. No error during the export. Only warning about missing camera and lights. The export windows has no changes except the output format: gltf

When I try to load the gltf on the http://sandbox.babylonjs.com/ appear the foollowing error:

#/buffers/0/uri: Failed to load 'stingray_test.bin': 0

Same problem using aiStandardSurface material.

I've done another test importing an OBJ or an FBX and  nothing happen. I see the turning logo, several minutes later nothing happens.

I'm pretty sure is not a mesh problem because I've used the FBX to create an gltf using this online editor https://threejs.org/editor/ and loaded the result on http://sandbox.babylonjs.com/ and it work correctly. Now my goal is to create a gltf using a full maya pipeline without online editor or other softwares.

Please, can someone help me?


Thank you in advance


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