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How to get in touch with gaming web platfroms?


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Hi there! I have gathered a list of web platforms where I want to publish our game. Platforms like miniclip, y8, kongregate, kizi and etc. Big list.

I have sent many personalized emails directly on email and via web forms, but the problem is that I have low qty of responses. I know that right short email is not easy to make (I mean briefly describe it all) but I did my best to make it light and contentful.

Can you share your experience how to get in touch with web platforms and the best way to communicate with them as we have several really good games and want to have good partners.

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I have a online game portal: http://www.atkgames.com

It was originally a Flash portal but for Html5 games I think we will do things differently.

For Html5 games, if you have a game that your hosting somewhere, send me a link and I will create a direct link on our portal to your game page.

If you have a Html5 game you want us to host, that is fine also but it is easier to link to your website for a number of reasons.

1. It's your game you deserve the traffic and the reward

2. when you make updates you don't have to worry about redistributing to portals

3. it is easier for us to add your link.

ATK Games

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I am the owner of a new gaming web portal that is opening up soon. We are looking for exclusive and non-exclusive licensing for games that we can use on our website. If you would be interested in contacting me through a private message, we can discuss payment and have a discussion about adding your games to our website. 



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