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RPG camera


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Today i working with cameras in my game. I am confused about correct solution to do that as best as possible, generally in performance.

I have two camera first for GUI, second for objects render with post processing. For every position change of my player i must update position for two cameras like that:

const camera = this.game.getScene().getCameraByName('gameCamera');
const guiCamera = this.game.getScene().getCameraByName('GUICamera');
const newPosition = this.meshForMove.position.clone();

camera.position = newPosition.clone();
camera.position.y = 30;
camera.position.z -= 22;
camera.position.x -= 22;

guiCamera.position = newPosition.clone();
guiCamera.position.y = 30;
guiCamera.position.z -= 22;
guiCamera.position.x -= 22;

I must update twice cameras, because onPointerDown event return PickPoint from GUICamera, because it is registered as second active camera. I use that code in function in registerBeforeRender, when player moves. 

Also i tried with box, which was children of my character mesh and parent of my cameras, but when my character change rotation, then cameras lost correct position. I don't know how keep correct position using parent system. Maybe someone have idea how do that better?


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@aWeirdo I separate camera for GUI, because i use post processing , then 2d textures are blurred for example.

@kcoley Just look at this playgrounds:

Correct camera position, but in this example rotation of player (box2) is not changed https://playground.babylonjs.com/#199KHL#39

In this example I add rotation and just look what happen  with camera https://playground.babylonjs.com/#199KHL#40. I want to keep camera rotation and position from #39 example even when player change rotation.

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Hello you can force the first camera to be used for picking: scene.cameraToUseForPointers = myCamera

So in this case no need to sync the second camera.


Can you elaborate a bit more regarding the camera parent question? If the camera is child of a mesh which is rotating then the camera will rotate, this is expected.

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This option for camera is that what i looking for!

In 40 example when player change rotation then cameraBox change position , this is excepted I know. But i ask about is possible to always keep camera in position like in 39 example, even if i change position of parent? Maybe using parent system i need do write too much logic and my actual idead about clone position is better than parent system. Just looking for best solution for RPG camera.

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