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I NEED HELP IN Clock time Function in babylon js 3d configurator

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I NEED HELP IN Clock time Function in babylon js 3d configurator  



i want to make this model watch hands Movie like Real clock and real time 


any one can help me i have use this code for run that functions 



var hrHand = document.getElementById('hrHand');
var mnHand = document.getElementById('mnHand');
var mnHand = document.getElementById('secHand');

    function initClock() {

        var date = new Date();
        var hour = date.getHours() % 12; 
        var minute = date.getMinutes() ; 
        var second = date.getSeconds() ; 

        var hrDeg = 0;
        var mnDeg = 0;
        var secDeg = second * 6;

                        hrHand.transform = 'rotate(' + hrDeg + 'deg)';
                        mnHand.transform = 'rotate(' + mnDeg + 'deg)';

                        mnHand.transform = 'rotate(' + secDeg + 'deg)';

        setTimeout(initClock, 1000);



and my object Id is this i try all js code of clock not working any one Please help me out 



any one can send me the demo of clock function ? 


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On 10/14/2018 at 6:47 PM, NasimiAsl said:

check your mesh is not null( i guess )

if(mesh && mesh.rotation){

 // add code here


Hi mate there I have Put Clock function in my app but after put its working like this i have tired also center piviot point but its suck  can u help me please to get this work perfectly 

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Clock function not working Properly Please can u help me to fix this i have add the code that u share with me after added the code the hands of clock going messed can u help me out to fix this i have make to center of those all pivot point but its not working like clock its working like something bad can u please see the video i have attached above Please .. @NasimiAsl

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