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Looking for some help with optimizing.


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Hi all,

I am looking for away to optimize this scene:


The playground is very similar to the project I am currently working except for the fact that I implemented my own controls for the camera by ICameraInput interface which would be difficult to replicate in a PG. I use two cameras so I can use a different fov based on the users choice without it distorting the skybox.

The main problem I am observing is that when flying around, their can be a slight jitter or choppiness. It is worse in my local version but only slightly. All the cubes are clones of the same mesh as I need to be able to move them independently, etc. I am wondering if the skybox is too high res or something like that, but each side is 2048px.

If there are any good ways to optimize this, I would sure appreciate some advice. Nothing I found in the docs seemed to help. Thanks.

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