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Long time loading obfuscated script


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I have noticed that when we do obfuscate the script and try to load from mobile it seems that we are not really taking advantage of the loader on the project, almost like if the whole data was loaded ( so the browser is displaying a spinner for quite long time) and then the loader is starting and everything starts, is there a way to cache this ? With for example another game,min which will not be obfuscated or any other suggestion, it works fine without obfuscation and I was wondering if any one noticed the same...maybe the loader must be not obfuscated ?  Indeed, it looks like all the data are loaded and then the loader is starting and load everything at once so it seems my obfuscation does not allow the loader to start right away....

Can we have 1 small project  at the top of the HTML running a display loading image while the other game,in is loaded  ?   

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