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Simulating frames/world states as quickly as possible?


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So I was wondering if it was possible to have Babylon simulate world states faster than they can be rendered to the screen. For example, if I wanted to create thousands of towers of blocks at random, and test if they were balanced or unbalanced (i.e. that they would stay upright on their own, even under the influence of gravity) I could do that with what I know of Babylon right now, but it would require leaving it to run for a very long time. Is there a way to have it step through the world state without needing to render to the screen, and without taking as long as a frame ordinarily would?

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Yes you can do that.

Just manually call the function you need (like create all your blocks, call mesh.computeWorldMatrix, etc..)

If no need to render then you can do all that you want manually

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