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Render in node extremey slow


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Hey obviously I know PIXI.js is meant for html5.. but I'm trying to have a server that records my game and converts it to a video. So to do this I need to render images of the current canvas at at least 20 fps

In the web browser this would be obviously simple.

The following code-

var timeNow = Date.now();
var timeAfter = Date.now();
console.log(timeAfter - timeNow)


In web browsers returns 1 ms

In node it returns anywhere from 180-300

I'm shimming PIXIjs with jsdom and node-canvas.. I don't understand the underlying technologies enough to understand why there's such a big difference.

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Both. Its always both for my posts.

Make a stage that is heavy for node-canvas, or just several drawImage calls how pixi CanvasRenderer does it. Present it to node-canvas guys, ask what's wrong with it. Also people were asking about node-webgl in pixijs issues, i dont know if anyone managed to run it there.

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fs.readFile('bunny.png', function(err, bunny) {
    img = new Image;
    img.src = bunny;

    var timeNow = Date.now();
    for(var i = 0; i < 500; i++) {
        ctx.drawImage(img, 50, 50, 50, 50);

    var timeAfter = Date.now();
    console.log('time:', timeAfter-timeNow)


time: 807

Yep you're right. 800 ms for this.. Looks like I'll have to write something that spawns enough processes so I can render scenes for my targeted framerate.. No idea what other direction I can go in.


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