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BitmapText incorrect mapping on UHD/retina screens


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I am updating a web game from Pixi 3 to Pixi 4, and upon doing so, all the BitmapText broke on ultra-high definition screens (e.g. retina displays, MacBook, Surface Pro). The text looks completely normal on regular HD/1080 displays.

The fonts are created through BMFont, set to export XML & PNG. In the game, when a UHD screen resolution is detected, it loads a larger bitmap file (e.g. Roboto48.fnt instead of Roboto24.fnt). After loading, BitmapText elements are instantiated like this:

var scoreText = new PIXI.extras.BitmapText("Score: 0", {font: "24px Roboto"});

When I run the game with Pixi 3, the text looks fine again.

I can't find any other examples of this or support questions dealing with this problem. Has anyone encountered this or found a fix?


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