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what is the best way to add bunch of images


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Hello, So I need to add like 500 images and this is How I'm doing it:

class CreateP extends PIXI.Container {
    constructor(id, x, y, width, height)  {

        this.id = id

        this.bla = PIXI.Sprite.fromImage(`blabla.png`) //images/textures are not same
        this.bla.anchor.x = 0.5;
        this.bla.anchor.y = 0.5;
        this.bla.x = x
        this.bla.y = y
        this.bla.width = width
        this.bla.height = height


module.exports = CreateP 


this.blas = new PIXI.Container();
this.blas.addChild(new CreateP(id, x, y, width, height))  

now it kinda effects on performance pretty a lot, well I know this is a big number but I was wondering if there are some ways to improve the performance? maybe there is a better way to add these images?


this doesn't seems normal to me. is this updateTransform and GC normal here? I mean I'm not changing anything about those sprites. they are already added
BTW the sprites never move or change or any thing. they just get destroyed after a while.

Could RenderTexture help here? I read the docs but honestly couldn't understand what is the purpose of it :)


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