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Can I access not premultiply color from renderer's shader


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I'm using pixi.js ver 4.8.2.

I want access not premultiply color from renderer's shader in pixi.js application.

I set transparent is 'notMultiplied' , but I can olny access premultipilied rgb color...

Is there way to access not multiplied color ?

I put code and result here.

            // init with not multiply mode 
            var app = new PIXI.Application(800, 600, {
                backgroundColor : 0xcccccc,
                transparent: 'notMultiplied'

            // draw circle graphics with red and alpha 0.5 ( drawn at display left )
            var graphic = new PIXI.Graphics();
            graphic.alpha = 0.5;

            // use graphics as a texture ( drawn at display right )
            var mesh = new PIXI.mesh.Mesh( graphic.generateCanvasTexture() );

            // replace MeshRenderer shader for test premultiply effect
            app.renderer.plugins.mesh.shader = new PIXI.Shader(
                // vertex shader is same as original MeshRender's one
                    attribute vec2 aVertexPosition;
                    attribute vec2 aTextureCoord;

                    uniform mat3 projectionMatrix;
                    uniform mat3 translationMatrix;
                    uniform mat3 uTransform;

                    varying vec2 vTextureCoord;

                    void main(void) {
                        gl_Position = vec4((projectionMatrix * translationMatrix * vec3(aVertexPosition, 1.0)).xy, 0.0, 1.0);
                        vTextureCoord = (uTransform * vec3(aTextureCoord, 1.0)).xy;

                // I changed change fragment shader for test
                    varying vec2 vTextureCoord;
                    uniform vec4 uColor;
                    uniform sampler2D uSampler;

                    void main(void) {
                        //gl_FragColor = texture2D(uSampler, vTextureCoord) * uColor; <- remove
                        gl_FragColor = vec4(texture2D(uSampler, vTextureCoord).rgb, 1.0); 

            // render graphics and mesh.


The execution result 



Ideal result is like this. 


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46 minutes ago, ivan.popelyshev said:

You can upload non-premultiplied version instead, but that will require hacking pixi TextureManager. It will be easier in future versions (v5.0.0-alpha3). 

The easiest approach is to add line "if (color.a>0) { color.rgb /= color.a }" in the shader.

Thank you for your answer!!

I understand pixi.js officialy attach premultiplied texture to shader.

I develop with typescript so I can't use v5 yet. (I can't found definition file of v5)

I already tried your easiest approach, it's good for display. But if use texture for GPGPU, it's become precision is lower and I can't use it for GPGPU.

" You can upload non-premultiplied version instead, but that will require hacking pixi TextureManager." means there is way to using non-premultiplied texture if I hack TextureManager of "v4.8.2" ?

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