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Moving bunch of sprites with good performance


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So I have bunch of sprites (couple of hundreds) with various positions and I need to move every one of the sprites to a same specific location.

now I can just update their position one by one but the performance is not the best in this way.
but when I put them all in a container and just move the container the performance is much better. but the problem is that each sprite have a various position so they can't get to a same location because well I'm just moving the container.

so I was just wondering if there is a way to achieve this with a good performance? any ideas? is there a answer for this question or moving the sprites one by one is just the only way?

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Pixi way: recalculate all matrices and draw all sprites every frame. Small optimization : if position of element and position of its parent wasn't changed, dont recalculate the matrix.

There's no big difference between moving every sprite and moving container because pixi re-calculates all matrices every frame anyway. There's small optimization, but its not that important.

The real problem is somewhere else. I hope you dont call "renderer.render" every time you move something ;)

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