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unexpected behaviour of sprite in group


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i'm a webdeveloper but quite new to Phaser and trying to build a litte tower defence game to learn the framework. At the moment i'm trying to detect, if a tower has already been placed at the location where player wants to build a new tower.

The towers are stored in:

this.towers = new Phaser.GameObjects.Group(this);

A new Tower is build like this:

  buildTower(key, x, y) {
      new Tower({
        'scene': this,
        'key': key,
        'x': x,
        'y': y

Tower is a class that extends from Sprite:

export default class Tower extends Phaser.GameObjects.Sprite {

  constructor(config) {

    super(config.scene, config.x, config.y, config.key);





This works fine so far. The towers are placed as expected.

If the player tries to build a new tower i want to check if there is already a tower on that position on the map.

let towersArray = this.towers.getChildren();
for (let i = 0; i < towersArray.length; i++) {
    if (Phaser.Geom.Intersects.RectangleToRectangle(newTower.getBounds(), towersArray[i].getBounds())) {

The output of towersArray.getBounds() ist not what i expected:

Object { x: NaN, y: -16, width: NaN, height: 32 }

If i log the towers group to the console i can see, that the child inside has a missing texture.key and the proper sprite with all the correct values is stored inside x (see screenshot).


I hope my explanations are understandable and someone can has an idea what i'm doing wrong here.

Thank You!



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Looking at the documentation, it seems that Group.create will, by default, create a sprite. You are making a sprite which has, as it's only set value, your Tower object as it's x.

You can either use the add method instead:

this.towers.add(new Tower ({...}) 

OR you can set your classType of the group to Tower instead of Sprite, but I'm not sure how this will interact with your config object. 



Best of luck!

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