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How to change the text render quality in Phaser 3?


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In the following config what is the difference between 'resolution' and '_resolution' ?  

var config = {
    type: Phaser.AUTO,
    parent: 'phaser-example',
    backgroundColor: '#0056a4',
    width: 800,
    height: 600,
    _resolution: window.devicePixelRatio,
    resolution: 2,
    scene: {
        preload: preload,
        create: create,
        resize: resize

Does it matter the entire rendering performance of the canvas if i set the 'resolution' value to more than 1 in the game config ? If i want to increase the rendering quality of the text objects, what will be the solution? In Facebook instant games the text looks blurry, because Instant games sets the 'devicePixelRatio' to default value 1. Is there any solution to change the rendering quality for only text objects? Please help me if anyone know the answer.



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Hi, I'm facing the same problem.

I don't actually have the answer yet, but I'm testing bitmapText and I got some good results, but not very crisp yet. Actually, my entire game looks waaaay better on mobile devices than in monitors, I know its because the devicePixelRatio is greater, but even Tweens are more fluid in mobile.



Just found out that there is a FAQ about high resolution text that is not answered ?.


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