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How to increase resolution of PIXI.view on mobile devices?


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Hi everyone! I making the game with pixi.js on mobile devices. I create a application:

var app = new PIXI.Application( { 
                width:  document.documentElement.clientWidth, 
                height: document.documentElement.clientHeight
             } );

And on my smartphone my game get resolution about 300x700, but my smartphone resolution is 1000x2000. Because of this my game look is blur with small resolution. How to increase resolution of PIXI.view?

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Search for "devicePixelRatio" in this subforum, or in pixijs github issues. Also, rotating will always be pain. Also, "PIXI.settings.FILTER_RESOLUTION" or RESOLUTION_FILTER, i dont remember which, if you plan to use filters too. Also, decide whether you use that as resolution or just multiply screen dimensions by it. Also, differences between "app.screen.width" and "app.view.width". 

Its not possible to teach that thing, you have to go through pain. Even if there would be article, you wont understand it until you try.

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